Fishing has been a part of my life since as long as I could remember. As a kid I often wished that I lived in the mountains so I could fish everyday. I later found out Salt Lake City had irrigation canals all over the valley that were full of fish. Growing up I was always told the water in those ditches didn't have fish in them.

After college I followed my dream of creating video games for a living. My dream come true turned into a stressful nightmare of working 70+ hour weeks. On the rare weekends that I had a day off I would unwind by going fishing. Being in the outdoors recharged my tired soul and wiped my stress away. I loved exploring the outdoors and turned to the Internet to get some tips on places to explore. I was shocked to find that almost every outdoor website was just a direct copy and paste from the Utah DWR website.

I started because of an overall disgust with Utah fishing web sites. Most of the forums out there have more adds on the page than actual info. Typically when you Google a lake in Utah you get longitude and latitude. Most sites fishing information are often outdated or completely false. I spent so much time sifting through bad information online in order to compile my knowledge. I soon turned to books, I joined fishing clubs and talked to everyone I could about fishing.

I had setup several web servers before and knew a lot about fishing. I knew I could quickly make the most informative and popular fishing website in Utah. I figured after people saw the momentum and direction I was heading they would quickly jump in and help me create this great website.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

Creating the front end of the website was quite the learning curve compared to setting up a server. Getting the content from my brain onto a digestible format online turned out to be way harder then I imagined. My blew past every project timeline I had set for the site.

An idea for a fishing website 10 years ago has turned into thousands of more hours then I imagined. In that time I have had exactly eight people reach out to me and say they enjoyed the site. So I might not have created the most popular site but at least I helped eight people find a new fishing spot and gave them a history of location so they could tell a story. I'm going to keep documenting this great state so folks will know that ditch does have fish in it. If they want to fish a really far away ditch well hopefully I can help with that too.


-Josh Vandermeyden

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I'm happy to announce that in 2023 I have raised 25% more than in 2022 which was 0.0. So basically 0.0 x 25% is still 0. Just like fishing it isn't about the amount of fish you caught. It's just about getting out there.

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