Frequently asked questions about June Sucker.  FAQ

Q1. Why is this site called June Sucker?

A. I originally started this site by searching for hundreds of available domains related to fishing in Utah. What I found out is there is a lot of cyber squatters sitting on the most common fishing websites. So after brainstorming and thinking about fishing terms related to Utah, I came up with June Sucker. The June Sucker is only found in Utah and it’s unique enough online that I figured it could establish a good SEO rank with the term.

Q2. Who runs this site, and why? is ran by a single person in northern Utah. I’m not tied to any group, business, or government department. As you can see there is no ads on the site, neither is there a shopping section. I’m just one guy that got super angry while researching places to go fishing. Almost every web page I visited had more ads then useful information. I thought to myself I can build a better fishing site then all the crap out there. Over seven years have passed since then, and I’ve put thousands of hours into this site. Hopefully the site has helped you discover new places to fish. Or learn something you didn’t know.

Q3. I can’t find a specific fishing area on your site. Why is that?

A. Every lake, river, or canyon write up takes an incredible amount of time to create. I try and research each subject thoroughly. Even some of the sections that have very little text, took hours of research. The other crap websites out there just copy the DWR website word for word. That being said I am in the process of adding several pages to the site.

Q4. Can I submit pictures, articles, videos, comments and other content?

A. Absolutely. To accomplish our goal of being the most informative one stop shop for fishing we will need volunteers to help. You can message us through our Facebook page or email at [email protected].

Q5. Does this site have anything to do with the Junesucker Coffee company in Salt Lake?

A. Nope. We don’t know those guys. However we do love coffee and you should support them for being local.

Q6. I am a BYU fan/student and or a Chevy truck driver and I am offended by your constant attacks. How can I air my grievances?

A. Feel free to try and argue your point on Twitter. Although it is a proven fact that fans of BYU and Chevy truck drivers are less intelligent than the regular populous.

Q7. Is Intrinsically Safe?

A. Yes. will not explode when mixed with hazardous environments.