Have you ever looked at the fish stocking report, and noticed those abbreviations next to lakes in the Uintas? Did you wonder what the letters meant? The Uintas are broken up into several drainage’s. Since there are over 1000 lakes in the Uintas you can have a lot of repeating lake names. Each lake gets an abbreviation that corresponds with when the lake was surveyed. Some of these abbreviation make sense such as Dry Gulch which is DG, others such Provo River Drainage is A. Some of the abbreviations such as X will be used in multiple drainage’s so it can be confusing. Below is the list fish able lakes in each drainage. Click on the drainage below to see fish species in each lake, pictures, and maps.

Bedground Lake, Beaver Lake, Browne Lake, Butterfly Lake, Buckeye Lake, Chepeta lake, Cutthroat LakeEcho Lake, Fish Lake, Hayden Lake, Haystack Lake, Hoover Lake, Julius Park Reservoir, Little Elk Lake, Marshall Lake, Mirror Lake, Moon Lake, Paradise Park Reservoir, Pyramid Lake, Round Lake, Ruth Lake, Smith and Morehouse Reservoir, Upper Stillwater Reservoir, Whitney Reservoir.

Uinta’s Fishing Regulations: Includes streams and lakes in Utah within the boundary beginning on I-80 at the Utah-Wyoming state line southwest of Evanston, Wyoming and continuing southwest along I-80 to US-40 (near Park City); then east along US-40 to Vernal, Utah; then north along SR-44 to Manila, Utah; then west on SR-43 to the Wyoming state line; and then west and north along the Wyoming state line back to the beginning point at I-80: Limit 4 trout. Bonus limit of 4 brook trout (total limit of no more than 8 trout at least 4 are book trout).

Ashley Creek Drainage: Ashley Twins Reservoir, GR-35: Bert, GR-62: Blue, DF-1: Chimney Rock, GR-63: Deadman, GR-38: DF-4: DF-11(East Kibah): DF-12(Finger Kibah): DF-14(West Kibah): DF-15(North Kibah): DF-16(Island Kibah): Fish, GR-57: Goose #2, GR-43: Goose #1, GR-42: GR-52: Hacking, GR-40: Hooper, GR-46: Lakeshore, GR-34: Little Blue, GR-48: Little Elk, DF-17: Marsh, GR-39: Moap, DF-2: Mud, GR-47: North Twin(Dry Fork),GR-50: Paul, DF-18: Red Belly, GR-51: Sandy, GR-45: Shaw, GR-59: South Twin(Dry Fork), GR-49: Wilde, GR-36:
Bear River Drainage: Allsop, BR-42: Amethyst, BR-28: Beaver, BR-10: Bourbon lake (Gold Hill), BR-1: BR-2: BR-17: BR-18: BR-19: BR-24: BR-25: BR-30: BR-31: BR-45: BR-46: BR-50: Cutthroat, BR-37: Elizabeth, BR-8:Hayden Lake, BR-36: Hell Hole, BR-29: Jewel, BR-38: Kermsuh, BR-20: Lilly, BR-11: Lym, BR-7: Mcpheters, BR-14: Meadow Lake, BR-19: Mt Elizabeth Lake, BR-8: Naomi Lake, BR-39: Norice, BR-47: Ostler, BR-27: Priord, BR-48: Ruth, BR-40: Ryder, BR-15: Salamander lake, BR-26: Scow, BR-12: Seidner Lake, BR-31: Teal, BR-32: Toomset Lake,BR-25: Whiskey Island Lake, BR-3:
Beaver Creek Drainage: Middle Fork: Beaver, GR-147, Coffin, GR-144: Dine, GR-148: GR-155: Hidden, GR-149: GR-145: GR-160: GR-161:GR-162: GR-163:GR-164: GR-172: GR-173: GR-177:
Beaver Creek Drainage: West Fork: Gilbert, GR-150: GR-151: GR-152: GR-153: GR-154: GR-155: GR-178:
Burnt Fork Drainage: Bennion, GR-134, Burnt Fork Lake, GR-127: Fish, GR-125: GR-126: GR-128: GR-130: GR-133: GR-135: GR-137: Hoop Lake, GR-143: Island, GR-132: Kabell, GR-140: Round, GR-131:
Dry Gulch – Crow Basin: DG-1: Crow, DG-3: DG-4: DG-5: DG-6: DG-7: DG-8: DG-9: DG-10: DG-14: DG-15: DG-16: DG-17:
Dry Gulch – Heller Basin: Bollie, U-96: DG-29: DG-30: Heller Reservoir, DG-28: Hidden, DG-27: Lower Lily Pad, DG-26: Upper Lily Pad, DG-25
Duchesne Drainage: Blizzard, D-25: Blue, Z-32, Blythe, Z-20: Bonnie, Z-6: Broadhead, D-40: Bud, Z-2: Butterfly, Z-1: Carolyn, Z-42: Castle, Z-14: D-5: D-10: D-19: D-26: D-30: D-32: D-34: Echo, Z-16: Emerald, D-20: Everman, D-36: Farney, X-14: Faxon, D-1: Fehr, Z-7: Gatman, D-12: Gem, Z-18: Hades, D-11: Hoover, Z-10: Hyatt, Z-37: Iron Mine, D-33: Joan, Z-19: Jordan, Z-35: Leconte, Z-33: Maba, Z-8: Marsell, X-11: Marshall, Z-11: Mirror, Z-3: Moosehorn, Z-4: Morat #1, Z-31: Morat #2, Z-27: Olga, Z-43: Olsen, Z-26: Packard, Z-15: Pass, Z-5: Pyramid, Z-17: Scout, Z-12: Scudder, Z-21: Shaler, Z-34: Shepard, Z-9: Sonny, X-12: Tadpole, D-15: Twin #1, D-3: Twin #2, D-4: Wilder, Z-13: Wyman, Z-14:
Henry’s Fork, and Smith Fork Drainage’s: Alligator, G-38: Bald, G-63: Bear, G-7: Blanchard, G-3: Bridger, G-20: China, G-21: Cliff, G-5: Dollar Lake, G-2: East Red Castle, G-17: Grass, G-8: G-4: G-10: G-13: G-14: G-16: G-29: G-30: G-34: G-42: G-45: G-49: G-50: G-51: G-52: G-53: G-56: G-59: G60: G61: Henrys Fork Lake, G-1: Hessie, G-18: Island, G-9: Lower Red Castle, G-12: Marsh, G-19: Sargent, G-35: Sawmill, G-6: Stateline Reservoir: Upper Red Castle, G-15:
Lake Fork Drainage: Ameba, X-90: Aspen, X-63: Atwine, X-64: Big Dog, X-32: Brown Duck, X-31: Cleveland, LF-18: Clements, X-74: Crater, X-94: East Slide, LF-44: Gates, LF-34: Hook, X-81: Island, X-34: Kidney, X-35: Lambert, LF-21: LF-8: LF-16: LF-35: LF-37: LF-43: Lilly Pad, X-37: Linda, LF-36: Little Dog, X-33: Mud, X-66: Oweep, LF-30: Ottoson, Lower, X-88: Ottoson, Upper, X-87: Picture, X-82: Porcupine, LF-22: Stewart, X-79: Toquer, LF-25: Twin, X-77: Tworoose, X-36: X-45: X-61: X-62: X-67: X-75: X-78: X-80: X-83: X-84: X-85: X-86: X-89:
Provo River Drainage: Alexander, A-1: Azure, A-11: Beaver, A-17: Beth, A-6: Big Elk, A-18: Blue, A-5: Booker, A-35: Brook, A-20: Buckeye, A-3: Carol, A-21: Clegg, A-47: Cliff, A-34: Clyde, A-34: Crystal, A-51: Cutthroat (clint), A-40: Diamond, A-22: Duck, A-7: Faith, A-16: Fire, A-14: Forks, A-46: Haystack, A-9: Hidden, A-15: Hope, A-54: Hourglass, A-48: Island, A-57: Jacks, A-13: James, A-31: John, A-30: Junior, A-56: Karen, A-63: Lambert, A-2: Lillian, A-43: Lilly, A-58: Lily, Lower, A-25: Lily Upper, A-24: Little Elk, A-19: Long Pond, A-62: Long, A-37: Lost, A-59: Marjorie, A-12: Mona Rae, A-49: Norway Flats, P-8: P-6: P-9: P-10: P-15: Petit (Junior #5), A-26: Pot, A-8: Ramona, A-38: Rock, A-10: Shadow, A-52: Shallow (Haystack #2), A-45: Shingle Creek, East, A-39: Shingle Creek, Lower, P-62: Shingle Creek, West, P-60: Shoestring, A-55: Spectacle (Hourglass), A-44: Spring Canyon, A4: Star, A-42: Tail, A-53: Teapot, A-60: Trial, A-61: Trident, A-41: Twin, Lower, A-33: Twin, Upper, A-32: Wall, A-29: Washington, A-23: Watson, A-27: Weir, A-50:
Rock Creek Drainage: Allen, Z-44: Amlen, X-99:Anderson, X-117: Arta, RC-23: Audrey, RC-45: Bear, RC-43, Bedground, Z-46: Betsey, X-7: Black, X-132: Bomb, RC-44: Boot, X-124: Brinkley, RC-4: Cabin, RC-42: Continent, X-121: Dale, Z-39: Daynes, Z-38: Dean, Z-40: Diamond, X-43: Doc’s, X-15: Doug, X-123: Fall, X-122: Fern, X-5: Fish Hatchery, X-6: Francis, RC-115: Gibby, RC-30: Gladys, X-128: Governor Dern, Z-24: GranDaddy, X-9: Heart, X-13: Helen, X-126: Horseshoe, RC-38: Huntley, RC-3: Jack, X-133: Jean, Z-41: Jill, X-111, Ledge, X-113: Lightning, X-127: Lily Pad, X-2: Lodgepole, X-3: Lost, Z-29: Margie, X-129: Margo, Z-23: Mid, X-42: Mohawk, X-10: Ouray, X-112: Palisade, Z-28: Phinney, X-119: Pine Island, X-8: Pinto, X-22: Powell, Z-30: Rainbow, Z-25: Reconnaissance, X-125: Rock 1, X-96 Rock 2, X-97: Rosalie, X-130: Rudolph 1, X-39: Rudolph 2, X-40: Rudolph 3, X-41: Sea Lion, RC-11: Shawdow, X-1: Shamrock, X-98: Slide, RC-14: Squaw, X-95: Survey, RC-20: Thompson, RC-8: Uintah, X-131: Young, X-100
Sheep Creek and Carter Creek Drainages: Anson, Lower, GR-9: Anson Upper, GR-10: Browne Lake: Bummer, GR-22: Candy, GR-17: Clear, GR-12: Columbine, GR-116: Dagget, GR-6: EWE, GR-18: Gail, GR-115: Hidden, GR-7: Hidden, GR-112: Jesson, GR-1: Judy, GR-25: Little Potters, GR-27: Lost, GR-4: Lower Teepee, GR-29: Mystery, GR-101: One Fish, GR-32: Potters, GR-28: Red Lake, GR-33: Spirit Lake, GR-3: Tamarack, GR-2: Upper Teepee, GR-30:
Swift Creek Drainage: Carrol, East, X-21: Carrol, Lower, X-17: Carrol, upper, X-18: Deer, X-55: Farmers, X-23: Grayling, X-56: Lily, S-15: S2: S3: Timothy, Center, X-20: Timothy, East, X-16: Timothy, West, X-19: Twin, X-49: White Miller, X-54: White Miller, X-54 X-22: X-24: X-25: X-26: X-51
Uinta River Drainage: Albert, U-94: Allred, U-14: Atwood, U-16: B-29 Lake, U-18: Beard, U-74: Bollie, U-96: Bowden, U-32: Brook, U-54: Carrot, U-17: Chain 1(Lower), U-3: Chain 2(middle), U-2: Chain 3(upper), U-1: Chain 4, U-4: Craig, U-85: Crescent, U-48: Davis, North, U-46: Davis South, U-34: Divide, U-59: Dollar, U-49: Fox U-47: George Beard, U-21: Gilbert, U-82: Kidney, East, U-25: Kidney, West, U-26: Lily, U-23: Lily Pad, U-8: Milk, U-73: Mt. Emmons, U-13: Oke Doke, U-5: Penny Nickell, U-98: Pippen, U-9: Rainbow, U-33: Roberts, U-15: Samuals, U-27: U-19: U-35: U-37: U:-38 U-39: U-42: U-45: U-50: U-75: U-76: U-88: U-89: U-93: Verlie, U-41:
Weber River Drainage: Abes, W-30: Adax, W-34: Anchor, W-29: Arrowhead, W-68: Bench, W-37: Carol, W-51: Castle, W-51: Castle, W-67: Cuberant #1, W42: Cuberant #2, W-43: Cuberant #3, W-44: Cuberant #4, W-45: Cuberant #5, W-46: Dean, W-35: Divide #2, W-20: Elkhorn, W-64: Erickson, South, W-25: Erickson, North, W-26: Fish, W-47: Fran, W-39: Ibantik, W-24: Jean, W-58: Jerry, W-28: Kamas, W-40: Little Hidden, W-21: Lofty, W41: Lovenia, W-23: Meadow, W-27: Neil, W-31 Notch, W-36: Olsen, W-32: Reids, W-38: Rhoads, W-33: Round, W-48: Sand, W-49: Shingle Mill Lake, W-69: W-5:W-14: W-15: W-16: W-17: W-18: W-52: W-53: W-54: W-57: W-59: W-60: W-61: W-62: Yellowpine, Lower, W-66: Yellowpine, Upper, W-65:
White Rocks Drainage: Chepeta, WR-64: Cleveland, WR-7: Cliff, WR-49: Dollar, WR-43: Elbow, WR-58: Figure-Eight, WR-56: Hidden, WR-63: Larvae, WR-12: Lower Rock, WR-17: Middle Rock, WR-16: Mocassin, WR-53: Ogden, WR-5: Papoose, WR-52: Paradise Park Reservoir, WR-18: Pearl, WR-45: Point (Adams), WR-6: Pole Creek Lake, WR-13: Quent, WR-4: Rassmussen #1, WR-35: Rassmussen #2, WR-36: RC #1, WR-2: Reader, WR-66: Sand, WR-42: Sharlee, WR-57: Taylor, WR-8: Ted, WR-44: Upper Rock, WR-14: Walk Up, WR-55: Watkins, WR-48: Whiterocks Reservoir Lake, WR-46: Wigwam, WR-54: Wooley, WR-40: Workman, WR-50: WR-9: WR:-19: WR-34: WR-37: WR-65 (Hell Hole): WR-67 (Horseshoe): WR-73: WR-74: WR-75: WR-76: WR-77:
Yellowstone Drainage: Bluebell, X-110: Doll, Y-16: Drift Reservoir, Y-41: Five Point Reservoir, Y-41: Gem, Y-34: Kings, Y-22: Little Superior, X-104: Milk, Y-25: North Star, X-108: Spider, X-109: Superior, X-103: Swasey, X-58: Tungsten, X-107: X-57: X-59: X-60: X-105: Y-2: Y-4: Y-5: Y-19: Y-20: Y-24: Y-31: Y-32: Y-33: Y-36: Y-37: