Marshall Lake Z-11 in the Uintas.

Location: Marshall Lake also known as Z-11 is located in the southwest corner of Duchesne County, Utah. The lake is within the Duchesne Drainage of the Uinta Mountains. From the Mirror Lake Highway take the Murdock Basin Road and follow it about 8.5 miles. I highly recommend that you take a GPS, as the road forks several times with no signage.

Trail: Once you get near the lake there is two different road's you can take to access it. The road to the south of Marshall ends near some beaver ponds. This will put you on the southwest area of the lake, which is much deeper than the shallow northeast side of the lake. The hike to the lake is only a few minutes from this road. The other entrance road is between Marshall Lake and Hoover Lake. From the end of the north road, it is a 400 feet hike to Marshall and a 480 foot hike to Hoover. This area offers some great places for camping.

Fish Species: The lake is stocked every few years with Brook Trout.

Historical DWR Info: Marshall is a deep natural lake located in dense conifers inMurdock Basin. It is 18 acres, 9,980 feet in elevation, with 36 feet maximum depth. The western lake margin abuts a talus slope. Access 1/2 miles north and east on the Murdock Basin Road from U-l 50 to an unmarked turnoff and then 1/2 mile west on a system of logging roads. Access is also available on the Fehr Lake Trail from U-l 50. Campsites are present with no spring water sources.
Marshall is stocked with brook and may still contain cutthroat trout. Angling pressure is heavy.

Nearby Areas to Fish: There are several nearby ponds that have Brook Trout in them. Hoover Lake is located just northeast of here. Sheppard Lake is located to the north and Maba is a quick hike to the east of Sheppard Lake. If you take the Fehr Lake trail towards Mirror Lake Highway you can get to Fehr Lake. If you head 2 and a half miles south on Murcdock Basin Road, you can take the turn off to Pyramid Lake and Echo Lake. From Echo Lake you can hike west around the rock slide area of the lake to access Joan Lake. From Joan Lake you can access Blizzard and Gem Lake.