List of Lakes in the southern Utah region. For updated fishing reports, please check the DWR page.

The southern region includes Millard County, Sevier County, southwest corner of Emery County, Beaver County, Piute County, the west half of Wayne County, the west half of Garfield County, Iron County, Kane County, and Washington County.

Aberdunk Lake, Abes Reservoir, Antimony Lake, Anderson Meadow Reservoir, Aspen-Mirror Lake, Baker Reservoir, Barker Reservoir, Birch Lake, Blue Lake, Boilers, Deer Lake, DMAD Reservoir, Dougherty Basin Lake, Enterprise Reservoir, Fish Lake, Flat Lake, Floating Island Lake, Forsyth Reservoir, Green Lake (North Boulder Slope), Gunlock Reservoir, Gunnison Bend Reservoir, Hi Low Lake, Ivins Reservoir, Joe Lay Reservoir, Johnson Reservoir, Kents Lake, Kolob Reservoir, Koosharem Reservoir, Labaron Reservoir, LeBarron Lake, Leigh Hill Reservoir, Little Antimony Lake, Little Lake, Long Willow Bottoms Reservoir, Lower Barker Reservoir, Lower Browns Reservoir, Lower Kents Lake, Manderfield Reservoir, McGath Lake, Mill Meadow Reservoir, Minersville Reservoir, Mormon Gap Reservoir, Mud Lake, Mumford Reservoir, Navajo Lake, Newcastle Reservoir, North Creek Reservoir, Otter Creek Reservoir, Otter Lake, Pacer Lake, Panguitch Lake, Paragonah Reservoir (Red Creek), Parowan Pond, Piute Reservoir, Posey Lake, Pruess Lake (Garrison Reservoir), Quail Creek Reservoir, Puffer Lake, Razor Ridge Pond, Redmond Reservoir, Robinson-Tanner Reservoir, Rock Lake, Round Willow Bottom Reservoir, Sand Hollow Reservoir, Senseball Lake, Sevier Lake, Skyline Pond, Sullivan Virgin River Park Pond,  Tall Four Lake, Three Creeks Reservoir, Tropic Reservoir, Upper Kents Lake, Wide Hollow Reservoir, Willow Lake, Wood Lake, Woods Pond, Yankee Meadow Reservoir, Yellow Lake,