The Boilers near St George.
Pic by Shawn Lefevre


The Boilers also known as Warm Springs is located in Washington County, Utah. The pond is part of the newly constructed Warm Springs Park. The address is around 400 North and 200 West in Washington City.

Fish Species

In 2015 a fisherman caught a Pacu which made the news. For years various forms of tropical fish have been dumped from aquariums into the pond. The Boilers are only about 8 feet deep, and stay at a warm temp of 70 to 75 degrees.

Other info

Please clean up any trash you see. Saint George New article. Check out the Boiling springs preserve Facebook page.

Warm Springs Park

In 2020 construction on a park surrounding the pond began. A playground, Four Pickle ball courts, a sandy beach, and a pavilion with picnic area was added.

Nearby Areas to Fish

Virgin River, Sand Hollow, Quail Creek, Skyline Pond, Razor Ridge Pond, Stratton Pond, and Ivins Reservoir.