Photo by Troy Mackay


Ivins Reservoir also known as Ivins Bench Reservoir is located in Ivins City and is part of Washington County, Utah.

Ivins Reservoir is located about 20 minutes from St George. Many people pass it on the way to Gunlock Reservoir and don't even know it's there. The reservoir is between Kayenta and the Shivwits reservation.

From St George take Bluff street north and turn on to Sunset Blvd. Follow Sunset for 7.9 miles and turn onto the Crescent Moon Trail. The parking lot is a few hundred feet down the road.

Fish Species

Largemouth bass were stocked in 2005, and 2015. Bluegill were also stocked in 2015. There are some rumors on the Internet that a small population of catfish are present as well.

Fire Lake Park

In 2016, construction projects on the lake were completed and Fire Lake Park opened.The park has a separate swimming area that is continually fed with fresh water piped from Gunlock Reservoir. there is two sandy beaches with imported sand. A 1.33 mile path that is 10 feet wide surrounds the reservoir. Multiple trees and benches were brought in as part of the construction. There is also pavilions and picnic tables.

Map of Fire Lake Park.

Some of the rules of the park include. No alcohol, no motorized boating, no 4 wheeler's, no dogs/cat, no campfires, and no fireworks.

Other Info

Part of the reservoir is in Shivwits reservation. Please be respectful our their land when visiting the reservoir.

The main reservoir has two boat docks, and two restrooms. There is parking lot is a made of packed dirt and can fit 40 vehicles. After an increase in visitors in 2020 officials talked about increasing the lot to 50 spaces.


Nearby Places to Fish

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