List of lakes and ponds in the northeastern section of Utah.

For an updated fishing report of the northeastern region, check the DWR page.

The northeastern region includes the eastern part of Wasatch County, most of Duchesne County, a small part of eastern Summit County, Dagett County, Uintah County, and part of the top portion of Grand County.

Big Sandwash Reservoir, Brough Reservoir, Brough Reservoir, Browne Lake, Browns Draw Reservoir, Bullock Reservoir, Calder Reservoir, Cottonwood Reservoir, Crouse Reservoir, East Park Reservoir, Flaming Gorge Reservoir, Lake Canyon Lake, Long Park Reservoir, Matt Warner Reservoir, Moose Pond, Pelican Lake, Red Fleet Reservoir, Sheep Creek Lake, Spirit Lake, Starvation Reservoir, Steinaker Reservoir.