Cottonwood Reservoir in north eastern Utah.
River into Cottonwood Reservoir.


Cottonwood Reservoir is located in Uintah County, Utah. From the Town of Gusher head North on road 9600 E about 3.5 miles to Bullock Reservoir Dam. You will arrive at a fork in the road which goes three ways. The road fork to your left which is northwest will follow the dam of Bullock Reservoir. The middle fork travels around Bullock Reservoir and leads to the river exiting the reservoir, which flows into Cottonwood Reservoir. The right fork is Cottonwood Reservoir Road which leads east to Cottonwood. Take the right fork and head east about 1 mile.

From the town of Gusher there is a road called Ouray Park Canal Road. On the map it shows this road going to Cottonwood. Although last time we were there in the fall of 2017, the road was closed to traffic.

Fish Species

Rainbow Trout, Tiger Musky, Smallmouth Bass, Wiper, and Brown Trout.


In 2013 the reservoir was treated with rotenone poison to remove unwanted fish. The reservoir was drained in the early 2000's in order to repair the dam.

Nearby Areas to Fish

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