Bottle Hollow Reservoir is located in Uintah County, Utah. The reservoir is located on Ute tribal land so you need to obtain a permit from the tribe before fishing the reservoir.


Since the reservoir is on Ute Tribal land you’re bound by their rules. The Ute tribal proclamation has more info uitfwd.com. Bottle Hollow inlet is closed to fishing. Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited. You can purchase a permit from Ute Plaza Grocery Store, located at 7750 E. US HWY 40, Ft. Duchesne, Utah 84026. You cannot be on or near the reservoir a half hour before official sunrise, or a half hour after official sunset. All watercraft must be off the water by 9:30 pm in summer months.

Other Info

In 2015 the reservoir was closed to non tribal members. This year it is open again and permits are on sale now.

Fish Species

Rainbow trout, and some years for special tournaments they stock Lake Trout.


Back in the late 1800’s in Fort Duchesne the soldiers returning to the fort would throw their empty whiskey bottles in a ravine. After a while there was a whole lot of bottles in that ravine so they named it Bottle Hollow. For more info see skinwalkerranch.org. The reservoir was first built in 1970 then drained in (desnews article) 1989 – 1992 to repair an outlet.

Nearby Areas to Fish

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