Location: The Duchesne River which is a tributary of the Green River begins in the Uintas Mountains and runs 80 Miles.

Course: The Duchesne River come out of Mirror Lake in the Uintas then several other forks meet up in the Uintas. Going south the river flows through Duchesne County east of Starvation Reservoir. At this point the river flows east and follows highway 40. Around the City of Myton the river flows straight east until just south of the city of Ranlett where the river starts to flow south finally meeting up with the Green River.

Tributaries: Left Fork – Strawberry River. Right Fork – Uinta River, and Lake Fork.
West Fork lakes that drain into the Duchesne River. Mirror Lake, Bonnie Lake, Scudder Lake, Wilder Lake,
East Fork Lakes that drain into the Duchesne River. Shaler Lake, Evermann Lake

Blue Ribbon: The West Fork of the Duchesne River and the Duchesne River from Hanna to North Fork are both designated Blue Ribbon Fisheries by the state.

Fishing Regulations: West Fork Duchesne River: From the confluence with North Fork upstream to the headwaters, including Wolf Creek. Limit 4 trout, only 2 may be cutthroat trout or trout with cutthroat markings. Artificial Flies and lures only. Closed January 1st through 6 a.m. on the second Saturday of July.
From the confluence with the green river upstream to the knight diversion: No limit for channel catfish, no limit for Burbot, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, or Nothern Pike. Anglers must not release any of these fish which must be immediately killed.

Nearby Areas to Fish: Mirror Lake, Moon Lake, Starvation Reservoir.