The island at Bullock Reservoir.
Bullock Draw Reservoir.

Directions: Bullock Reservoir or Bullock Draw Reservoir according to Google Map, is located in Uintah County, Utah. From the city of Gusher head straight north on road 9600 E about 3.5 miles. Bullock Reservoir is just west of Cottonwood Reservoir.

Fish Species: Tiger Muskie, Rainbow Trout, Sucker, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Bullhead, and Wiper.

History: In October of 2012 the reservoir was treated with rotenone, in order to remove carp.

Other Info: Due to tall reeds growing around the reservoir, shore access can be difficult. The fishery receives very little fishing pressure because of this.

Tributary: Bullock receives water from canals diverted from the Uinta River. There is a river that flows out of Bullock and empties into Cottonwood Reservoir.

Nearby Areas to Fish: Cottonwood Reservoir, Bottle Hollow Reservoir, Brough Reservoir, Pelican Lake, Green River, Lake Boreham, Big Sandwash Reservoir, Steinaker Reservoir, Red Fleet Reservoir, Browns Draw Reservoir, Cedar View Reservoir.