The island at Bullock Reservoir.
Bullock Draw Reservoir.


Bullock Reservoir or Bullock Draw Reservoir according to Google Map, is located in Uintah County, Utah. From the city of Gusher head straight north on road 9600 E about 3.5 miles. Bullock Reservoir is just west of Cottonwood Reservoir.

Fish Species

Tiger Muskie, Rainbow Trout, Sucker, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Bullhead, and Wiper.


In October of 2012 the reservoir was treated with rotenone, in order to remove carp.

Other Info

Due to tall reeds growing around the reservoir, shore access can be difficult. The fishery receives very little fishing pressure because of this.

In 2023, Trevor Houston set the catch-and-release record. He caught a 16 ½-inch black bullhead catfish at Gunlock Reservoir.


Bullock receives water from canals diverted from the Uinta River. There is a river that flows out of Bullock and empties into Cottonwood Reservoir.

Nearby Areas to Fish

Cottonwood Reservoir, Bottle Hollow Reservoir, Brough Reservoir, Pelican Lake, Green River, Lake Boreham, Big Sandwash Reservoir, Steinaker Reservoir, Red Fleet Reservoir, Browns Draw Reservoir, Cedar View Reservoir.