Flaming Gorge Reservoir is located is in Dagget County, Utah and Sweetwater County, Wyoming. Most people access the water through either Vernal or through I80 in Wyoming.

Fish Species

Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout, Kokanee Salmon, Smallmouth Bass, Burbot (Ling Cod if your from Wyoming), Brown Trout, Catfish, and Carp.

Fishing Across State Lines

To fish across state lines at Flaming Gorge Reservoir, you must have a valid fishing license from one state and a reciprocal fishing permit from the other state. For example, if you buy a Utah resident or nonresident fishing license, you can fish the Utah portion of Flaming Gorge. After buying your Utah license, if you decide you also want to fish the Wyoming portion of the reservoir, you must buy a Wyoming reciprocal fishing permit. You can also choose to purchase a Wyoming fishing license. If you're fishing the Utah portion of Flaming Gorge, you may use two fishing poles throughout the year and up to six lines through the ice.

Fishing Regulations

Updated for the 2024 fishing season. Limit 4 trout or kokanee salmon (a combined total), excluding lake trout. Limit 12 lake trout/mackinaw, only 1 may exceed 28 inches. All kokanee salmon caught from Sept. 10 through Nov. 30 must be immediately released. Linwood Bay, west of a line from the easternmost point of the south shore of Linwood Bay (mouth of canyon) to easternmost point of the north shore of Linwood Bay (Lucerne Point), CLOSED to nighttime angling (sunset to sunrise) from Oct. 15 through 6 a.m. on the second Saturday of December.

Limit 6 Catfish. Limit 3 Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass a combined total. No limit for burbot. Anglers must not release any burbot they catch. All burbot must be immediately killed. When ice fishing the hole size may not exceed 18 inches. A person may use up to six lines when fishing through the ice. If the angler is using more than one line, the angler’s name shall be attached to each line, pole or tip-up, and the angler shall check only their lines.

Open to taking burbot by means of underwater spearfishing from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 24 hours each day. Artificial light is permitted while engaged in underwater spearfishing for burbot. Artificial light may not be used to take other fish species with spearfishing techniques. No other species of fish may be taken with underwater spearfishing techniques between official sunset and official sunrise. Closed to the use of under water fishing for Large and Smallmouth Bass from April 1 through the 4th Saturday of June. Anglers may not possess kokanee salmon from Sept. 10 through Nov. 30.


John Wesley Powell named the area Flaming Gorge in 1864, while boating down the green river. Construction on the Flaming Gorge Reservoir was started in 1960, and was dedicated in 1964.


One of the most popular annual events is the Burbot Bash. Thousands of fisherman show up every year, in hopes of thinning the burbot population.

Nearby Areas to Fish

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Flaming Gorge Dam.