Directions: Redmond Reservoir is located in Sevier County, Utah. It borders the city of Redmond where it receives it's name.
From Gunnison take highway 89 south about 8 miles. Take the exit to the city of Redmond, then follow UT-56 N State St about 3.5 miles. Turn on West 300 south which will turn into Redmond Lake Road after a couple of blocks. Head southwest and you will immediately see the reservoir.
From Salina take highway 89 north about 1 mile. Take the exit for Redmond and head north on Ut-56 Redmond Highway for about 2 miles. Turn on West 300 south which will become Redmond Lake Road.

Duck hunter at Redmond Lake.

Fish Species: Northern Pike, Channel Catfish, and Carp. The pike in Redmond Reservoir are stunted in growth, and rarely reach over 30" in size. If you're looking to catch a Northern Pike in Utah for the first time your chances will be good here. I recommend using minnows suspended from a bobber, or lures that are retrieved. We have had pretty good success with tube jigs, although when the fish are active most types of lures will work. Around 5,000 Channel Catifsh are stocked yearly in the reservoir. There is also a small population of Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass.

Northern Pike caught at Redmond Reservoir.

Other info: Redmond Reservoir is made up of several hot springs, so the lake never freezes. The Pike are most active in the winter months. If you hate ice fishing then this is a good place to shore fish in the winter time. The reservoir is used for primarily for irrigation by neighboring farmers. In the spring time the water level rises which makes it harder to catch the pike. The lake is owned by the diary farm nearby. The current agreement states that the public is welcome to use the lake as long as they clean up the litter. Please pick up any trash you see when you're are on the property.

Future Plans: The main food source for the Pike is zooplankton. Because there is not a good source of forage fish for the Pike their size is stunted and they usually top out around 25". The DWR has talked about treating Redmond Reservoir with Rotenone. The plan would be to kill off all the fish then establish a forage fish such as perch, and then restock pike. If the pike had forage fish the size of the pike would double. Plans to treat the lake are currently on hold. Since there are many pike in the rivers and canals that flow between the reservoir, the treatment would likely fail. They would also have treat Yuba Reservoir at the same time.

History: In 1968 the reservoir was treated. After the treatment Pike, Largemouth Bass, Channel Catfish , Black Bullhead, and Perch, were introduced. After all the carp were eliminated the lake became clear and was no longer murky. In the summer time there would be huge algae blooms. After about ten years carp returned to the lake and there was no longer algae blooms. Once the carp began to eat all the plants on on the bottom of the lake the murky water came back. All the perch have been eaten, and I haven't heard a report of Bass being caught there in the last few years.

Nearby Areas to Fish: Sevier River, Willow Creek Reservoir, Olsen Slough, Yuba Reservoir, Rocky Ford Reservoir, Rex Reservoir, Scipio Lake, Twin Lake, Town Reservoir, Nine Mile Reservoir, Palisade Reservoir, and Gunnison Reservoir.