Gunnison Reservoir also known as Sugar Kids Pond is located in Sanpete County, Utah. Access to the reservoir is confusing and not well marked. When we went to the reservoir there was several dirt roads that didn't match up with Google Maps.

The easiest way to access the reservoir is in Sterling from highway 89. You can take Marxville road which is just across from the turn to Palisades golf course. Further north on highway 89 you can take Bown St, which i think the sign on the street actually said brown lake, but I could be wrong. The roads are dirt and I wouldn't recommend a car with low clearance entering them. Both roads will wind back to the reservoir. You need to be respectful of private property and close any cattle gates that you travel through. Marksville Road will turn into Gunnison Reservoir road, although I don't remember a sign.

Fish Species

Primary catch is Carp, and less likely is Catfish. Due to often water draining, most other types of fish die. In 2013 there was 40,000 rainbow trout stocked in the reservoir. There are Cutthroat, Rainbows, Brooks, and Brown Trout that can get washed into the reservoir from Six Mile Creek. However there isn't many reports of anglers catching them. In the early 2000's, there was some decent sized Largemout Bass, and Perch living there. There are still reports of sunfish or bluegill being caught from time to time.


Gunnison Reservoir was created in 1889 by erecting an earth fill dam. During drought years the reservoir will almost completely drain.


Six Mile Creek which flows down Six Mile Canyon and across Highway 89 empties into Gunnison Reservoir.

Nearby Places to Fish

Six Mile Creek, Nine Mile Reservoir, Wales Reservoir, Yearns Reservoir, Yuba Reservoir, and Redmond Reservoir.

Fishing Gunnison Reservoir.
Gunnison Reservoir.