Nine Mile Reservoir is located in San Pete County, Utah. From Gunnison take Highway 89 (the prison turn off) East about 6 Miles.

Fish Species

Primarily stocked with Rainbow Trout and Tiger Trout. There used to be some huge Brown Trout in here as well. The reservoir has been drained the last 3 years in a row. I don't think there has been any Brown Trout in there for the last 5 years. Since the DWR isn't stocking Brown Trout it is unlikely they will return.

Fishing Regulations

This lake is subject to being drained, so the DWR will often up the fish limit.

Other Info

Sanpete County has been suffering from a drought for the last few years. Because of this it's very unlikely that this reservoir wont be drained yearly.

Nine Mile Reservoir is located on private land is used for farming irrigation. Because of this in years with low rainfall the reservoir is drained. The public is allowed to access the reservoir. This is a popular area for float tubers. The boat ramp is made of dirt so it can be hard to launch bigger crafts. The reservoir is just a little over 20 feet in the deepest areas. There is a small drainage pond across highway 89 that Nine Mile drains into. There is some Rainbow Trout and some weird looking orange fish in there.


In 1953 the reservoir was used as a test bed for studying the planting of Walleye. The biologists were trying to determine if it would be more profitable to raise the fish to a larger size before planting. Before this time the fish were just planted as fry. After the fish reached maturity they were relocated to Yuba Reservoir. In 2020 the limit on all fish was lifted so maintenance could be done on the outlet valve to help with lower water levels.

Nearby Areas to Fish

Gunnison Reservoir, Palisades Reservoir 4 miles North East. Redmond Reservoir, Yuba Reservoir, Yearns Reservoir, Ferron Reservoir, Duck Fork Reservoir,

nine mile rainbow
Fishing Nine Mile Reservoir