Directions: Palisade Reservoir is located in San Pete County, Utah. From highway 89 in Sterling take Palisade Road Eastbound for 2 miles. This is the same road you take to access Six Mile Canyon. The reservoir is within Palisades State park which also home to a really beautiful and fun golf course.

fish Species: Rainbow Trout, Tiger Trout, and Cutthroat Trout.

Other Info: For some reason Google has this area marked as Palisades Lake even though it has a dam. The reservoir is only about 20 feet deep with the deepest water by the dam. Check out the Palisade State Park Facebook page.

Nearby Areas to Fish: Six Mile Canyon is loaded with ponds to fish. This road is dirt and has not been maintained in the last 25 years. We recommend you use a ATV and not a truck for this canyon. Gunnison Reservoir a few miles directly west. Nine Mile Reservoir a couple of miles South on highway 89. Redmond Reservoir, Ferron Reservoir, Duck Fork Reservoir, 12 Mile Canyon, Manti Canyon.