Yuba Reservoir is located on the border of Juab, and Sanpete County, Utah. Located 11 miles north of the city of Scipio, just west of Interstate 15. You can access the east side of the reservoir by taking Ut-28 from either Nephi or Gunnison.

Fish Species

Northern Pike, Perch, Carp, Walleye, Catfish, and a very small population of Rainbow Trout.

Fishing Regulations Updated for the 2024 Season

Limits for all species except for tiger muskellunge are double the statewide limits.
• Limit 1 tiger muskellunge over 40 inches.
• All tiger muskellunge under 40 inches
must be immediately released


The Utah State record for Northern Pike was caught here in 2013 at 26 pounds 1 oz. The state record for catch and release Yellow Perch was caught here in 2000 at 15" 1/4".


The Sevier river flows through the reservoir carrying Northern Pike to many down stream waters.


 1907: Construction of the Sevier Bridge Reservoir Dam was completed on July 29th, 1907. The project was lead by the Melville Irrigation Company and the Deseret Irrigation Company. The dam was originally 440 feet wide, 26 feet high, and 20 feet wide on top. The reservoir originally could hold up to 90,000 acre feet of water. The irrigation companies used a steam plow to clear the land. The plow on average could clear 30 to 40 acres of land a day.

1908: The headgate of the Sevier Bridge Reservoir Dam broke off and was washed down the river.

1909:  A diversion dam is built in order to supply water to what is now the city of Delta. The diversion dam sent water to a canal that flowed into what would become DMAD Resevoir and Gunnision Bend Reservoir. The diversion dam was washed out and rebuilt in 1909, and 1910.

1912: Work began again on construction of the Sevier Bridge Reservoir. Construction workers were being paid $2.50 cents a day. At this low price it was hard to keep workers from walking off the job, so the wage was raised to $3.00.

1952: The DWR planted 300,000 Walleye fry. The eggs for the walleye which were called "Walleyed Pike" were shipped in from New York. The DWR stated "These new plantings of Walleyed Pike have been made in an attempt to introduce this fine game fish into some of our biologically, intermediate waters that have not previously been producers of any appreciable numbers of game fish".

2003: Yuba Reservoir was drained for dam repairs.

Boat ramp at Yuba Lake.