Location: Anderson Meadow Reservoir is located in Beaver County, Utah. From the city of Beaver head east on UT-153 for about 10 miles. You will then turn onto Kent’s Lake Road and head south for about 8 miles.

Fish Species: Rainbow Trout

Other Info: Located in the Beaver Mountain Lakes area surrounded by dozens of close by fishable lakes and streams.

Fishing Regulations: Updated for the 2018 fishing season. Fishing from a boat with a motor is unlawful.

Tributaries: The South Fork of The Beaver River flows into Anderson Meadow Reservoir near the dam on the north side and flows out on the southern tip.

Nearby Areas to Fish: South Fork of the Beaver River, Wood Lake, Wards Cache Lake, Lebaron Lake, Rock Lake, Mumford Reservoir, Seseball Lake, Upper Kents Lake, Kents Lake, Lower Kents Lake, Birch Lake, Deer Lake, and Willow Lake.