Location: Abes Reservoir also known as Abes Pond, Upper is located in Sevier County, Utah and is part of the Fish Lake National Forest. The Reservoir is located about 3 miles southeast of the Gooseberry Campground. The Gooseberry Campground may be reached by taking I-70 east-bound from Salina, utah to the Gooseberry Road (Exit 63). Then south on county road #640, a two-lane paved road, for 5 miles with the final 5 miles being a two-land gravel road. From here you can take FS-041 south until you hit the Abes Creek, then hike east to the reservoir. Or you can hike in from the twin ponds and head west.

Fish Species: Cutthroat Trout, Brook Trout

Other Info: There is a small pond to the west sometime called Abe's Pond, Lower

Nearby Areas to Fish: Abes Creek, Gosseberry Creek, Twin Ponds, Cold Spring, Farnsworth Reservoir, Sheep Creek, Hamilton Reservoir, Gates Lake, and Salina Reservoir.

Were You Looking For: Abes Lake in Summit County, Uintas.