Fish Lake is located in on the border of Richfield and Sevier County, Utah. From Northern Utah take I-15 to the city of Scipio. Take US-50 south about 29 miles to Salina. Then continue on the road to highway 70. Take I-70 about 7.5 miles south near the city of Sigurd. Take UT-24 for 31.5 miles south. Take the turnoff to UT-25. Follow the road 7 miles to Fish Lake. You can also come from the city of Loa by taking UT-72 for 10 miles north. Then take FR-036 for 17 miles. You will go past Manning Meadow Reservoir and Johnson Valley Reservoir.

Fishing Regulations

Updated for the 2024 fishing season. No limit on Yellow Perch. Limit four trout or kokanee salmon (a combined total), only one may exceed 24 inches, regardless of species. Underwater spearfishing is permitted from 6am on the first Saturday of June through September 9th. When ice fishing the size of the hole may not exceed 18 inches. Anglers may not possess kokanee salmon from Sept. 10 through Nov. 30.

Twin Creek a tributary to Fish Lake is closed to fishing.

Fish Species

Rainbow trout, yellow perch, splake, lake trout, tiger trout, salmon kokanee, tiger musky, carp, and Utah suckers.

Fishing Tips

Most of the lake is surrounded by weeds, which makes shore fishing less productive. The perch will generally hide in the shallow water near the weeds. When targeting perch stay around 35 feet deep to 5 feet deep. The rainbow trout generally hang out between the surface and about 40 feet deep. The splake will usually hang out around 25 feet to 50 feet of water. Although the splake do come near the shore at night to feed. The lake trout like to hang out on the bottom of the lake. Your best bet for lake trout is between 35 feet and 80 feet deep. I've seen huge suckers taken by spear fishing in shallow waters. The kokanee are a newer addition, however kokanee usually hang out deep between 35 to 75 feet.

Other Info

ATV's, 4 wheelers, and side by sides are prohibited on the roads around the lake. The DNR will happily write you a ticket for riding on the roads. The DNR will generally waive this rule for the winter, and let you take a 4 wheeler on the ice of the lake.


Check out the Fish Lake Resorts, and the Bowery Haven for lodging.

Nearby Areas to Fish

Twin Creek, Crater Lakes, Lake Creek, Johnson Reservoir, Fremont River, Lake Louise (Aberdunk), Sevenmile Creek, Lost Creek Reservoir, Mill Meadow Reservoir, Forsyth Reservoir, UM Creek, Koosharem Reservoir, Boobe Hole Reservoir, Meeks Lake, Floating Island Lake, Farrell Pond, Morrell Pond, Willies Flat Reservoir, Lower Box Creek Reservoir, Upper Box Creek Reservoir, Manning Meadows Reservoir, Barney Lake.

Ice fishing Fish Lake in Utah.