Location: Koosharem Reservoir is located in Sevier County, Utah. From highway 70 take the Fish Lake exit at Sigurd onto U-24 and head south on U-24 about 37 miles, this is about 9 miles before Fish Lake turnoff. The reservoir is just east of U-24. From the city of Koosharem the reservoir is about 7 miles north.

Fish Species: Rainbow Trout, Tiger Trout, Cutthroat, and Splake.

Tributaries: Otter Creek, Bobble Hole Creek

Other Info: The Salt Lake Tribune had an article about some decent sized cutthroats.

Nearby Areas to Fish: Boobe Hole Reservoir, Fish Lake, Magelby Reservoir, Aberdunk (Lake Louise) , Johnson Reservoir, Frying Pan Flat, Lower Box Creek Reservoir, Upper Box Creek Reservoir.