Location: Mill Meadow Reservoir is located on the border of Wayne County and Sevier County in Utah. The Freemont River flows from Johnson Reservoir into Mill Meadow Reservoir and UM Creek Flows into the Mill Meadow Reservoir from Forsyth Reservoir. You can access Mill Meadow from Fish Lake by taking Utah 25 northeast of the lake and following the road past Johnsons. You can also access Mill Meadow from the city of Loa by taking SR 72 north for about ten miles, then turning on FR036.

Fishing Regulations: Updated for the 2021 fishing season. Limit 8 Tiger Muskie of any size (no size restriction of tiger muskie on this water)

Fishing Species: Perch, Rainbow Trout, Tiger Trout, Splake, Brown Trout, Tiger Muskie.

Other Info: Per DWR Anglers are encouraged to take home their limit of 50 perch to help the population stay in balance with its food sources and to improve growth and average size.

Nearby Areas to Fish: Fremont River, U M Creek, Forsyth Reservoir, Johnson Reservoir, Crater Lakes, Fish Lake, Aberdunk (Lake Louise), Severnmile Creek, Floating Island Lake, Meeks Lake, Solomon Creek, Farrell Pond, Morrell Pond, Neff Reservoir, Paradise Valley Lake, Lost Creek Reservoir (Sevier County).

Perch from Mill Meadow Reservoir.