Little Elk Lake A-19 via the Norway Flats Road.


Little Elk Lake also known as A-19 or Pot Lake, is located in Summit County, Utah. The lake is part of the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. Litlle Elk Lake lies in the Erickson Basin region of the Provo River Drainage, in the Uinta Mountains. From the Norway Flats exit off of the Mirror Lake Highway take forest road 35 for about 5 and a half miles. The road is pretty rocky and a vehicle with decent ground clearance is highly recommended.

The Journey

The drive upĀ  FR 35 takes on average an hour. There is a turnoff a little over 5 miles up called Forest Road 035B. Do not take FR 035B in a vehicle. The road is full of sharp slate rock that will destroy your tires. Stick to road 035. There is a turn off you can take on Forest Road 916 which will lead to a small pond.

The hike from the pond is about 1/3 mile. Follow the stream up the canyon and stay on the right side of it (east side). After a bit you will climb over the hill to drop into Little Elk Lake. If you hike up the left side of the stream (west side) and climb over the hill you will drop into Hourglass Lake. Although if you stay on 035 it is only a 1/10 of a mile to drop west into Little Elk. Last we were there we saw several people hike the last mile and a half, on 035. The closer you get to the lake the worse the road gets.

Fish Species

Cutthroat is planted here on average about every 3 years. In 2011 just under 1200 Tiger Trout were stocked here. It is highly doubtful that any of the Tiger Trout are still around.

Historical DWR Info:

Little Elk has an irregular shoreline and is located in a rocky basin in the Norway Flats vicinity. It is 13.2 acres, 9,780 feet in elevation. With 31 feet maximum depth. There are no inlets or outlets, and the water level drops about ten feet annually. Access is 6 and a half miles north off Highway U- I 50 on the Norway Flats Road to the well-marked Little Elk turnoff and then north for 1/2 mile. There are several campsites along the lake margin, but spring water is unavailable. Recreational pressure is moderate. The lake is subject to winter kills. It is stocked with cutthroat trout. Brook Trout used to be stocked here a very long time ago.

LITTLE ELK, A-19. (Also known as Pot.) 10 acres, maximum depth 27 feet, elevation 9,200 feet. A fifteen minute walk north of Norway Flats. Sits in timbered country with rocky shores. A high cliff rises from the west shore. Stocked with brook. Also contains a few cutthroat.

Nearby Areas to Fish

Hourglass Lake A-48, Lower Shingle Creek Lake P-62, Boulder Creek, Big Elk Lake A-18, South Erickson Lake W-25, North Erickson Lake W-26, East Shingle Creek Lake A-39, and West Shingle Creek Lake P-60.

Were You Looking For? Little Elk Lake Lake DF-17 in Uintah County.