Location: Round Lake also known as W-48 is located in Summit County, Utah in the Uinta Mountains. From Kamas take Weber Canyon Road. Once you hit the exit to Smith and Morehouse Reservoir you have about 7 more miles to go. Do not turn into Smith and Morehouse, instead continue heading East on Weber Canyon Road. There is some public parking near the Holiday Park area. You can access the lake from the Dry Fork Trailhead also called the Fish Lake Loop, or you can forge your own path. This hike gains elevation very quickly and is recommended for experienced hikers only. Bring lots of bug spray, the mosquitoes are thick in the summer time. Sand Lake is about half mile southeast or Round Lake and Fish Lake is another half mile past Sand.

Fish Species: Arctic Grayling, Brook Trout, Cutthroat Trout

Historical DWR Info: Round Lake is a scenic natural lake located in a boggy meadow surrounded by thick timber It is 5 acres, 9,940,feet in elevation, with 36 feet maximum depth. Access is three and a half miles east and south of Holiday Park on the Dry Fork Trail which crosses the river after one and a half miles and follows a small tributary stream to Round Lake at the top of the ridge. The trail is marked by a small sign at Holiday Park indicating Fish Lake. There are several heavily used campsites with horse feed and spring water available. Users are encouraged to pack out all nonburnable trash. Round Lake contains a good population of Arctic grayling and some cutthroat trout. Both populations are maintained by natural reproduction.

Nearby Areas to Fish: Sand lake, Fish Lake, Whiskey Island Lake, Cuberant Lake, Teal Lake, Meadow Lake, Abes Lake, Kamas Lake, Ruth Lake, Cutthroat Lake, Jewel Lake, Hayden Lake, Naomi Lake, Ruth Lake, Beaver Lake, Whitney Reservoir,

Round Lake Dry Fork Trail Utah.