Location: Beaver Lake also known as BR-10 is located in Summit County, Utah and is part of the northwest Uinta Mountain area. The lake is located about a half mile southwest of Whitney Reservoir. From the Mirror Lake Highway take the Whitney Road exit and head 7 miles west to Whitney Reservoir, then follow the road around 3 more miles. The exit to Whitney Road is just southwest of the Christmas Meadows Area. The main road from the Mirror Lake Highway is on Forrest Road 32 which becomes Forrest road 69. You can also take Forrest Road 310 or 109, although these roads are rough and better suited for a 4wheeler.

Fish Species: Rainbow Trout

Historical DWR Info: Beaver Lake is 13 acres in size, it has an elevation of 9,500 feet, maximum depth 32 feet, and an average depth of 16 feet. 10 miles by jeep road. Follow the Whitney Forest Service Guard Station road from the Hayden Fork Highway 150, as posted. A round lake with an open shoreline. Excellent campsites. There are numerous beaver dams in this area; several provide some excellent fishing. The streams in the area are generally good fishing. Stocked with brook trout. A very productive lake.

Nearby Areas to Fish: There are some beaver ponds near the area with rainbow trout in them. Whitney Reservoir, The west fork of the Bear River.