View of Lily Lake BR-11 from the northwest corner.

Lily Lake BR-11 in the High Uinta Mountains.


Lily Lake BR-11 is located in Summit County, Utah, and is part of the Uinta-Wasatch-Cahce National Forest. The lake lies in the Bear River Drainage which is where it receives it's BR-11 designation. You can access the lake in the warmer months by vehicle, or by snow shoe, and snowmobile in the winter time. The road into the lake can be a bit rocky, although when I was last there in July of 2018 there was a few low clearance cars that drove to the lake. The turn off to Lilly Lake BR-11 is just north of the Christmas Meadows turn off from UT-150 Mirror Lake Highway. There is a signs from both directions that say Lily Lake. The turnoff is also 1.2 miles south of the Bear River Lodge.

From the turn off which is FR 343 travel 0.3 miles then take your first right which is FR 120. You will stay on FR 120 until you hit the lake which is about 1.8 miles. This will put you on the east side of the lake which is more popular. If you want to access the west side of the lake you can take FR 120 for 1.6 miles then turn on FR 383 which is a bit more rough of a drive.

Fish Species

Rainbow Trout are stocked typically three times a year. Tiger Trout were stocked in 2010 and are no longer present in the lake.


In the summer time there is several places to camp around Lily Lake BR-11. There is also five yurts located nearby the lake that can be used year around. The rental fee per night in the yurt is around $75. The yurts come equipped with bunk bed's tables, propane stove, a fire place, tables, and utensils. You can check out for more information. The yurts are a popular destination for snow shoeing and cross country skiers.

Bear Claw Yurt.


There are several trails that are great for 4 wheeling in the summer or skiing in the winter. These trails are pretty cool because they have several posts with letters mounted. Each letter has a maps next to it as well so you can identify which part of trail you're at. A map of the trail system and the Yurts is located here. Deadman Traverse is appropriately named, as the road is narrow and full of giant rocks that attack your vehicle. I would recommend not driving on this trail in any vehicle type.

Nearby Places to Fish

East Fork Bear River, Scow Lake, Baker Lake, Lorena Lake, Whitney Reservoir, and Elizabeth Lake.