Location: Trial Lake also known as Trial L A-61 is located in Summit County, Utah and is part of the Wasatch-Cache National Forrest. The lake is situated in the Uinta Mountains and is just off the popular Mirror Lake Highway. From the city of Kamas take UT-150 for about 25 miles then turn north onto Spring Canyon Road FR041. From the highway there is a sign for Trial Lake, and its a popular area with lots of campgrounds so its easy to find.

Fish Species: The DWR regularly stocks Rainbow Trout, Tiger Trout, and Arctic Grayling. The DWR used to stock a lot of Albino Rainbow trout, as well as a smorgasbord of other trout. So you still have a chance of catching other species:

History: Clegghistory.org has a pretty good write up on the history of Trial Lake and the surrounding areas.

Historical DWR Info: Trial Reservoir is a popular fishing water located a half mile west of the Mirror Lake Highway on an improved forest service road. It is 98 acres maximum, 9800 feet in elevation, with 68 feet maximum depth. There is a large, developed campground Trial providing full service. Fishing pressure very heavy. Trial is stocked with rainbow and albino rainbow catchables, as well as brook trout fingerling.

Trial Lake Uintas.

Tributaries: The Provo River enters the lake in the southwest end and exits out the damn spillway, as well as some small mountain streams enter and exit the lake.

Nearby Areas to Fish: The Provo River, Diamond Lake, Teapot Lake, Lost Lake Number Two, Lost Lake, Lilly Lake, Lilly Lakes, Ponds Lake, Crystal Lake, Washington Lake, Tall Lake, Lost Creek, Shoestring Lake, Cliff Lake, Wall Lake, and Star Lake. If you follow FR041 west of the lake you can access several other lakes within a short hike.