Spectacle Lake


Spectacle Lake A-44 is located in Summit County, Utah. The lake lies within the Provo River drainage of Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest.

From Kamas take Mirror Lake Highway UT-150 for 17.8 miles. Just after the turn off for Duchesne Tunnel, you will take a left. This will put you onto Forest Road 041 also known as Spring Canyon Road. Follow this road for 4.5 miles. There is a small pond just off the fork to Blue Lake and Buckeye Lake. I recommend hiking in from here.

You can also access the lake via the Trial Lake turn off from the Mirror Lake Highway UT-150. From the Trial Lake turn off follow Forest Road 041 also known as Spring Canyon Road for 4.6 miles. You can park at the small pond just past Buckeye Lake.

The Hike

I recommend hiking in from the pond near the fork in the road at the Buckeye and Blue Lake turn off. From just south of the pond head west for a quarter of a mile. I last did this hike in the fall of 2020 with with two small children and it was really easy. You should have no problem locating the lake.

There is a small turn off just south of the pond you can also enter from. The road will go back in a few hundred feet before breaking up into trees. On the map this looks like a shorter hike in, but it actually ends up being a bit longer.  Either way it's not a hard hike. The banks surrounding Spectacle Lake A-44 can be soft.

Fish Species

Typically stocked with Brook Trout on a 3 year cycle. 2020 stocked with 330 brook trout at 3.47 inches. 2018 stocked with 1,000 brook trout at 2.88 inches. 2015 stocked with 1008 brook trout at 2.5 inches.

Historical DWR Information

SPECTACLE(HOURGLASS), A-44. This irregularly shaped, natural lake is situated in thick conifers with some floating banks and islands. Spectacle is 9.3 acres, 9,740 feet in elevation, with 17 feet maximum depth. The lake appears as Hourglass on USGS topographic maps. Large expanses of yellow pond lily cover the surface of this lake. Access is 4 and a half miles north of Highway U-150 on the Spring Canyon Road to a small roadside pond and then west for a quarter mile to Spectacle. There is no trail to the lake. Camping areas are limited, and spring water is not available. Angling pressure is moderate. Spectacle is stocked with brook trout.

SPECTACLE, A-8. (Also known as Hourglass.) 13 acres, elevation 9,500 feet, average depth 7 feet. Half mile southwest of Buckeye Lake and 5 miles north on Spring Canyon Road. Sits in large open meadow. Contains Eastern brook 10 to 12 inches. Stocked. Camping places.

Spectacle Lake Uintas

Nearby Places to Fish

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