Buckeye Lake also known as A-3, is located Summit County, Utah and is part of the Uinta-Wastch-Cache National Forest. The lake sits inside of the Provo River drainage of the Uinta Mountains. Road info updated in 2020.

The first Time I went to this lake in 2017, the main road which is Forest Road 041 was severely damaged. The road had caved in by a drainage pipe and had a 5 foot drop off. At the time I told people to take the road around Blue Lake, FR 531 which was much smoother. Well fast forward to 2020 and the main road Forest Road 041 was smooth enough to take a low clearance car down. When we went to check out FR 531 to go to Blue Lake there was giant rocks in the road and we didn't attempt it.

Since Forest Road 041 also called Spring Canyon Road, is a major road it will be groomed more often. You can access Buckeye from the Alexander Lake turn off of Mirror Lake highway which is across from the Duchesne Tunnel turn off. Follow Forest Road 041 for 4.8 until you see the signs for Buckeye Lake. On the way you will pass Alexander Lake, and Spectacle Lake.

Alternatively you can access the lake from the north via the Trial Lake turn off of Mirror Lake Highway. Follow Forest Road 041 for 4.4 miles to Buckey Lake. There will be signs. Just pas washington Lake there will be signs for the Spring Canyon Road which you will follow. You will pass several lakes on the way which are labeled on the map below. Access to Buckeye Lake is easier on the west side of the lake.

Fish Species

The lake is stocked about every three years with Brook Trout.

Historical DWR Info

Buckeye is a shallow, productive lake with floating, grass covered banks and islands. It is 5 acres, 9,660 feet in elevation, with 8 feet maximum depth. The lake is surrounded by a large wet meadow with conifers around the perimeter a of the meadow Buckeye receives intensive fishing pressure and brook trout are planted to supplement natural reproduction. Access is 4 3/4 miles north of Highway U-150 on the Spring Canyon Road to the Buckeye Lake turnoff, and then 1/4 mile north on a rough road to the lake. Excellent campsites with pasture and spring water are available. Users are encouraged to keep vehicles off the fragile meadow areas surrounding Buckeye.

Nearby Areas to Fish

Spectacle Lake, Blue Lake, Alexander Lake, Trident Lake, Beth Lake, Haystack Lake, Azure Lake, Rock Lake, Shadow Lake, Tail Lake, Washington Lake, Crystal Lake, Lilly Lakes, and Trial Lake.

Buckeye Lake Utah.