Location: Big Cottonwood Canyon is located in Salt Lake County, Utah. The base of the canyon is located in Cottonwood heights just east of where the Canyon Inn bar used to be before the crooked Cottonwoods heights cops ran it out of business. From Wasatch Blvd, and Fort Union Blvd you can take Big Cottonwood Canyon Road up to the top of the Canyon which ends at Brighton Ski Resort. In the summer time you can access the canyon from the city of Midway via Guardman Pass Road. The canyon is about 15 miles long.

Big Cottonwood Creek which runs from Solitude Ski Resort down Big Cottonwood Canyon through the Salt Lake Valley and eventually empties into the Jordan River.

Nearby Areas to Fish: Listed from the bottom up. Big Cottonwood Creek, Mill B North Fork, Mill B South Fork, Elbow Fork, Lake Blanche, Lake Florence, Lake Lillian, Mineral Fork, Mill D South Fork (Doughnut Falls is part of this), Butler Fork, Days Fork, Mill D North Fork, Dog Lake, Lake Desolation, Silver Fork, Willow Lake, Lake Solitude, Silver Lake, Twin Lakes Reservoir, the other Dog Lake, Lake Mary, Lake Martha, and Lake Catherine.

Ghost Towns:

Nearby Camping: spruces