Location: Daniels Canyon is located in Wasatch County, Utah. The bottom of the canyon is located at the southern end of Heber City. Take Highway 40 from Heber and head southeast to reach the canyon. The Summit spills out into the Strawberry River and is a quick jaunt from Strawberry Reservoir.

Popular Hikes:  Dry Canyon is towards the bottom of the canyon on the east side. There is a small sign and not much room for parking.  Clegg Canyon is located about 9 miles from Heber, Between Dry Canyon and Center Canyon. The hike round trip is 8.5 miles and takes about 5 hours. Utah Mountain Biking has a good write up on Center Canyon as well as pictures.   Thornton Hollow trail is located about 12 miles from Heber, on the west side of hwy 40. There is limited parking, and a sign marks the trail head. Row Bench is a 5.2 mile hike from the Strawberry Valley to Daniels Canyon. This is a great biking trail that's perfect for getting away from the crowds.

History: The canyon was named after Aaron Eugene Danies, who was a fur trapper. The town of Daniels is also named after him.

Caves: There is a cave which some call "over Look Cave" and other sites call "Daniels Canyon Cave". You can view the cave from the main road on highway 40. It is directly across from Cleggs Canyon.

Whiskey Springs Picnic Area: This area has parking and picnic tables. Its next to Daniels Creek, which provides easy access to fishing. Mountain men used to meet in this area to barter, and cool their whiskey in the stream. Back in the 70's a couple driving hit bigfoot while he/she was crossing the road near here.

Camping: There is camping available at the Lodge Pole Campground, or The Daniels Summit Lodge offers hotel rooms.

Other Info: The Strawberry River originates here, near Trail Hollow. The summit of Daniels Canyon is a very popular snowmobiling destination.