Location: Neffs Canyon is located in Salt Lake County, Utah. From I-215 take exit 3900 South and then head north on Wasatch Boulevard until 3800 South then turn back onto Wasatch Boulevard and head south for a bit. Turn east onto Oakview Drive which is 4280 south. Follow Oakview Drive about 1.3 miles east then turn left on Zarahemla Drive. Take Zarahemla Drive until you hit 4260 E then turn right. You will then take your next right onto White way and follow this street east to the parking lot. Although this sounds really complicated its all less than 2 miles from the free way exit.

Caves: Neffs Cave is the second deepest cave in Utah (Main Drain in Logan is #1) and the ninth deepest cave in the continental United States. Neffs Cave was first reported about in 1950. The cave is gated off and locked by the Forest Service. The cave is considered to be very dangerous, so getting access is a lengthy process. If you have some time to kill Timpanogos Groto has an awesome read on the early history of the cave.

Other Info: This is a popular area to walk dogs. There is a rope swing about 1 mile up the trail where you first hit the creek.

Fishing Info: We have not yet found fish in this canyon.

Neff's Canyon