List of canyon in the Northeastern area of Utah. Unlike the lakes section of the site we wont have a separate section for the Uintas. All of the canyons in the Uintas will be listed below. We are spending hours looking at old maps and combing through information to build this section. Also trying to go through a bunch of pics so we can make this section look decent.

Fantasy Canyon: 27 miles south of Vernal, Fantasy Canyon is known for it stuning rock formations.
Flaming Gorge: The Green River flows through here offering one of the best fishing locaitons in the entire universe.
Nine Mile Canyon: World renown for its lagre collection of petroglyphs.
Uinta Canyon: Known for beeing able to spot elk and moose from the dirt road.
Whiterocks Canyon: This canyon is mentioned in lots of spanish gold stories.
Yellowstone Canyon: Acess to the Uintas, good spot for picnics, and camping.