Directions: Bingham Creek Reservoir is located in Salt Lake County, Utah. The reservoir is located in the city of Copperton just off state road 111 Southwest of the Copperton City Cemetary. Bingham Creek Reservoir is located on private property and surrounded by a fence.

Fish Species: Fish Species: Unfortunately, there are no fish in this reservoir.  The reservoir is run by Kennecott Copper Mine.

History: You can read more about the history and see pictures of the reservoir here. Bingham Canyon was named after Thomas and Sanford Bingham. Who were two pioneers that came to the canyon in 1848 to herd cattle. The Salt Lake Tribune has an article on the history of the canyon with pictures.

Ghost Town: The former town of Bingham is located where the Kennecott Copper mine now sits.

Nearby Waters: Kennecott Eastside Leaching Reservoir, Bingham Creek, Oquirrh Lake, Midas Pond, Kidney Pond, Riverfront Pond, Riverton City Pond, Highbury Lake Park Pond, Lee Kay Ponds, Decker Lake, Millrace Park Pond,


Bingham Creek Reservoir Copperton
Bingham Creek Reservoir West
Bingham Creek Reservoir Middle
Bingham Creek Reservoir East