Directions: Fairmont Park Pond is located in Salt Lake County, Utah. The park is in the beautiful city of Sugar House, off of Highland drive just west of the state liquor store. From I-80 free way in Salt Lake you can take the 1300 east exit and head northbound for two blocks. Turn west on Wilmington Ave which is the street by the Taco Bell. Take Wilmington until Higland Drive, then head south and take Simson Ave. This is just west of the Tsunami. The address to the park is 1040 E Sugarmont Dr (2225 S).

Fishing Species: The DWR started stocking Rainbow Trout in the pond in 2018. Prior to this there was several carp in the pond as well as several species of dumped aquarium fish.

Fishing Regulations: The park will probably be managed as a community fishery. When I was last there when the pond reopened there was still no regulation signs. I've reached out to the DWR to get more info.

History: in 2017 construction began on the Fairmont Park Pond. The goal was to fix the flooding, and erosion issues, as well as the walkways around the pond. The pond was dredged so it would meet the criteria to become a community fishery. The creek's around the pond were rebuilt to help with irrigation adjustment. There was also several new types of shrubbery brought in to help with the water and wildlife. Several new types of rocks were brought in in order to strengthen the creeks and the pond. The pond reopened to the public on June 17th, 2018.

Park info: There are three soccer fields, an aquatic center, four pavilions,  pickleball courts, two dog parks, two restrooms, a skate park, a volleyball court, and two playgrounds. In mid to late summer there is the Sugar House Farmers Market every Wednesday night.

Nearby Places to Fish: Parley's Creek, Sugar House Park, Liberty Park, Jordan River, Willow Pond, Mill Creek, Decker Lake, Millrace Park Pond, Highbury Lake Park Pond, and Sandy Pond.

Fairmont Park Pond community and urban fishery.