Etna Reservoir is located in Box Elder County, Utah. The reservoir is only a few miles from the border of Nevada. From Snowville take UT-30 for 81.4 miles. Then head north Grouse Creek Road for 19.2 miles. Then head west on Etna Reservoir road for 2.8 miles.

You can also enter from Montello Nevada.

Fish Species

Speckled Dace. Rainbow trout used to be stocked here in the 1960's. In this century no trout have been stocked here.


the reservoir is named after the nearby town of Etna. The town was originally named west fork after the section of Grouse Creek. A permanent name needed to be assigned for the town to receive mail. So the postman Charlie Morris named the town Etna.

In the early 1900's a small rock dam was built on Etna Creek in order to diverge water. In 1959, the Utah Board of Water Resources funded the construction of the current dam. This dam created 1,471 acre-foot Reservoir. The reservoir is owned by the Irrigation Company of the West Fork of Grouse Creek.

From the Tremonton Leader 5/25/1967

Etna and Lynn Reservoirs. These irrigation reservoirs in the extreme northwestern corner of Utah produce excellent angling for rainbow trout. Fishing is usually best during the early portion of the season. Fish will average around 14 inches with some fish up to two and one-half pounds to five pounds being taken in both of these areas. Etna should produce the better fishing in the late portion of the season as it is usually not drawn down as low as Lynn Reservoir.

Other info

There is a nearby hot springs called the Etna hot Springs. The water was piped in order to be used as geothermal heating for a nearby house.