Academy Mill Reservoir Utah.


Academy Mill Reservoir is located in Sanpete County, Utah. From Joes Valley Reservoir take UT-29 to the Petes Hole turn off on Forest Road 0005 and head south past Soup Bowl to Petes Hole. The trail starts on the southeast area of the lake. There is some parking at the trail head. You need to hike to the lake although the trail is pretty easy and kids should have no issue.

The Hike

The hike starts on the Josephite Point trail. The hike is one mile and and somewhat flat with low difficultly. This used to be a old dirt road but is off limits to all motorized vehicles now. The trail heads west past some ponds then you will need to take the right fork south to Academy Mill Reservoir. If you hike the entire trail you will end up at Mary's Lake which is about 6.8 miles of a hike.

Fish Species

Since 2002 each year there are around 3 thousand tiger trout stocked in the reservoir. The stocked tiger trout average 3 inches in length. When I was last there in the summer of 2019 I saw a bunch of fish under 10 inches surfaces several times. Although I didn't see any fish bigger than that. At the time there was thousands of blue dragon flies on the water so I couldn't get the fish to bite any flies or lures I cast in.

Other Info

There is a lot of bears in this area. They aren't shy either so take precaution. The max depth of the lake is 15 feet and the surface area is between 4 and 6 acres.


Utah Water Log has some good info on area. There is some really beautiful pictures of the reservoir on


In 1973 the reservoir was drained to work on the dam and install new outlet structures.Prior to 2002 the reservoir was stocked with brook trout.

Nearby Places to Fish

Pete's Hole, Soup Bowl, Mary's Lake, Grassy Lake, Blue Lake 3 (Jewkes), and Joes Valley Reservoir.