Directions: Bastian Reservoir is located in Garfield County, Utah. From the Ticaboo area head north UT-276 for about 22 miles. Turn west onto BLM 14805. Take your first left and head towards the straight creek area. At this point there is several dirt road that are heading west or south. You need to be heading southwest, and most of the roads meet up at the same place. From Straight Creek you will go about 6 miles to Bastian Reservoir, on the fasted route or 7 miles if you take the longer road.

Fish Species: Tiger Trout

Other info: This is located just north of Cass Creek Peak.

Nearby Areas to Fish: The only area close to here is Lake Powell. This reservoir is in such a remote area that we couldn't find much info on it. Nothing is really around this area. You could head over to Escalante or to the Boulder Mountains for more fishing.