Kens Lake Utah.
Kens Lake Utah.

Location: Kens Lake is located in San Juan County, Utah. From the city of Moab take Highway US 191 south about ten miles. Then turn northeast onto road 176  and follow that about 2 miles until you see the lake.

Fish Species: Rainbow Trout, Channel Catfish, Largemouth Bass

Fishing Regulation: Open to underwater spearfishing for game fish from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31. Unless otherwise noted, you may use spearfishing to take any legal species.

Fishing Records: The Utah state record for catch and release channel catfish was caught here in 2015 at 36 and 3/4". The Utah state record for spearfishing largemouth bass was from here at 8lbs 8oz.

Other Info: If you drive east from the lake and turn onto the Faux Falls road, you can see the Faux Falls waterfall. This beautiful water flows west and empties into Ken's Lake. The Outdoor Project has a decent write up on the lake.

Nearby Areas to Fish: Mill Creek, Colorado River, Green River, Keller Reservoir, Upper Bailey Reservoir, Gordon Reservoir, Recapture Reservoir, Blanding City Reservoir, Lake Powell, Shingle Mill Draw.