Location: Lloyds Lake also known as Lloyds Reservoir, and often misspelled as Loyds, is located in San Juan County, Utah. From the city of Monticello take W 200 S past Monticello High School, and continue west on Abajo Drive. Turn on to S Creek and head south for about a mile.

Fish Species: Rainbow Trout are stocked regularly.

Regulations: The path around the lake is limited to foot traffic only. Dogs must be on leash.

Other Info: Monticello City is trying to install a fish pier on the lake. This would assist anglers fishing on the more shallow southern side of the lake. It would also help anglers in launching watercraft.
Utah Birding Spots has a decent write up on Lloyds Lake.

Nearby Areas to Fish: Gordon Reservoir, Monticello Lake, and Recapture Reservoir.

Lloyds Lake in southeastern Utah.
lloyds Lake.