Rivers and streams are listed by the DWR state region map. Most rivers are listed in the region where the river begins, although some are listed by the area the river is most popular. For example the Provo River begins in the northeast region, but is accessed mostly in the central region. So in this case we list it in the central region. A lot of rivers are currently missing. We hope to have most of the states rivers added by may of 2016.

Northern The northern region area includes Box Elder County, Cache County, Rich County, Weber County, Davis County, Morgan County, most of Summit County, and the northeast section of Wasatch County. We split the Uintas into its own separate section.

Central The central region includes Tooele County, Salt Lake County, most of Wasatch County, most of Utah County, Juab County, and most of San Pete County.

NorthEastern The northeastern region includes the eastern part of Wasatch County, most of Duchesne County, a small part of eastern Summit County, Dagett County, Uintah County, and part of the top portion of Grand County.

Southern The southern region includes Millard County, Sevier County, southwest corner of Emery County, Beaver County, Piute County, the west half of Wayne County, the west half of Garfield County, Iron County, Kane County, and Washington County.

SouthEastern Southeastern unit includes Carbon County, Most of Emery County, Most of Grand County, the east half of Wayne County, the east side of Garfield County, San Juan County, and takes a small part of San Pete, and Duchesne County, Utah.