Location: The Bear River begins in the Uinta Mountains and flows 491 miles before it empties into the Great Salt Lake.

Course: The Bear River begins in the Uinta Mountains at the confluence of Hayden Fork and Stillwater Fork. The river then flows into Wyoming and cruises up past Evanston. North of Evanston the Bear River runs into the Woodruff Narrows Reservoir. The river leaves Woodruff Narrows on the north end and then travels back into Utah near the town of Woodruff. The Bear River then flows north past the city of Randolph, then flows northeast towards Wyoming. Shortly after passing highway 30 the river continues north back into Wyoming. The River flows north past Cokeville then continues north before crossing into Idaho near highway 30. Just north of Bear Lake the drainage canal flows into the Bear River, before the river flows north. The Bear River continues north to Soda Springs and flows through Alexander Reservoir. From this point the river flows south through Caribou County and Franklin County where the river flows through Oneida Narrows Reservoir. The river continues south into Cache County, Utah and continues through Logan and empties into Cutler Reservoir. After flowing out of Cutler Reservoir the Bear river runs through its last leg before emptying into the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge and into the Bear River bay which is part of the Great Salt Lake.

Tributaries: Wyoming: Mill Creek, Sulphur Creek, Yellow Creek, Woodruff Creek, Big Creek, Bridger Creek, Saleratus Creek, Twin Creek, Woodruff Narrows Reservoir. Idaho: Bear Lake, Alexander Reservoir, Nelson Creek,

Fish Species: The most common fish are Catfish and Carp. There are certain sections full of trout as well.

Fishing Regulations: Idaho: From the Utah state line upstream to Oneida Dam. Trout limit is 2, no harvest of cutthroat trout. Bass limit is 6 of any size.
From the confluence with Oneida Reservoir upstream to the Wyoming state line. Trout limit is 6, no harvest of cutthroat trout.
All tributaries including the Cub River and Thomas Fork Bear River: Trout limit is 6, no harvest of cutthroat trout.
Wyoming: Bear River drainage streams including Smiths Fork and Salt Creek (also called Thomas Fork) drainage’s, unless indicated otherwise in Lincoln and Uinta Counties. The creel limit on trout shall be six (6) per day or in possession. No more than three (3) shall be cuttrhoat trout; and, no more than one (1) cutthroat trout shall exceed sixteen (16) inches.
Utah: You can use a setline to take fish from Bear River proper (downstream from Idaho state line, including Cutler Reservoir and outlet canals); Little Bear River below Valley View Highway (SR-30).
East Fork Little Bear River and its tributaries: From Porcupine Reservoir upstream to the headquarters. Closed August 15 through 6am on the last Saturday of September.
East Fork Little Bear River, From Porcupine Dam downstream to the Avon-Paradise road (SR-165), second stream crossing below reservoir: limit 2 trout and salmon (a combined total). Artificial flies and lures only.
Regulations for Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge.

Other Info: Info on the Wyoming section.