Location: The Price River also known as Fish Creek begins in Central Utah and empties into the Green River.

Course: The Price River begins near the Skyline Drive in Utah County. From there it heads mostly south until it impounds with straight fork. From this point the river heads eastward through Sanpete County meeting up with Gooseberry Creek. The river continues eastward meeting up with French Creek then empties into Scofield Reservoir.  Exiting Scofield Reservoir the River heads east which is the Blue Ribbon Section before heading north towards highway 6. The Price River joins up with the White River and follows along Highway 6 meeting up with its tributaries Beaver Creek, and Kyune Creek. From here the river continues to follow Highway 6 through Carbon County and its tributaries Fork Creek and Horse Creek join up with it. Next the river meets up with Willow Creek around US 191, then flows south through the city of helper. The river continues south through the city of Carbonville and meets up with Gordon Creek. Then continues past the city of Price following US 191. Near the town of Wellington the Price River joins up with Coal Creek, and Soldier Creek. From here the river continues south before meeting up with Miller Creek then it enters Emery County. From here the river flows south east crossing the city of Woodside then finally empties into the Green River.

Blue Ribbon: The section of known as Lower Fish Creek which exits Scofield Reservoir and meets up with the White River is listed as a Blue Ribbon Fishery.

Fish Species: Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Tiger Trout.

Gooseberry Narrows Dam Proposal: There is a huge controversial battle between San Pete and Carbon counties that has been waging for nearly 100 years. The proponents in San Pete county want to build the dam to get more irrigation water for farmers. The opponents in Carbon county argue the dam will take water from Scofield Reservoir, which is already low. They also argue that the proposal will dry up the Blue Ribbon section of Lower Fish Creek. Neutral reports on the story SLTRIB, Desnews, HardNews. From the Opponents side Coloraodo River, and the proponents side Sanpete County.