Directions: Lake Hardy is located in Utah County, Utah. The lake is situated in between American Fork Canyon and Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Fish Species: Arctic Grayling were stocked in 2008 and 2009. Most people believe the fish have since been winter killed.

The Hike: The Hike is around 13 miles long and has an elevation gain of 4,930 feet. The hike to Lake Hardy is very advanced difficulty. Most people that reach the lake break the hike up into 2 or 3 days and camp overnight. Visit Utah has a good description of the routes.

Maps: Suscon has a good map of the area. The Forest Service has a good winter map of the area as well.

Pictures: Wasatchiker has a good write up on the hike as well as some really good pictures.

Other Info: You will hear lots of hikers referring to the first or second Hamongog. This is just a fancy word for grass field.These are both good places to camp, as they are flat, and provide good places to pitch a tent.

Plane Crash: Just above the lake there is wreckage from a Boeing 247D crash. The crash happened on December 15, 1936. The mail plane was headed to Salt Lake City, when a winter storm caused it’s instruments to fail. Lost Flights has some more info on the crash. You will have to scroll down a bit there to get to it.

Nearby Areas to Fish: Upper Bell Canyon Reservoir, Red Pine Lake, White Pine Lake, Silver Glance Lake, Silver Lake, Pittsburg Lake, Silver Lake Flat Reservoir, Tibble Fork Reservoir, American Fork River, Lower Bell Canyon Reservoir.