Silver Lake Flat Reservoir in American Fork Canyon.
Silver Lake Flat Reservoir.

Location: Silver Lake Flat Reservoir is located in Utah County, Utah. From the base of American Fork Canyon follow UT-92 about 5 miles. Turn left onto N American Fork Canyon Road. Follow the road about 2.5 miles until you get just past Tibble Fork Reservoir.The road is paved until this point where it turns into a maintained dirt road. Take your first left onto FR-010, after 0.7 miles turn right onto FR-008 Silver Lake Road. You will follow this road 2.5 miles until you arrive at the Lake.

Fish Species: Arctic Grayling, Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout, and Cutthroat Trout.

Other Info: There is a lot of moose that hang around Silver Lake Flat Reservoir. Please view the moose from a distance, as they can be temperamental.

History: Silver Lake Flat Reservoir was built in 1971. In 2015 the reservoir was drained for seismic dam upgrades. The dam was strengthened to with stand a 7.5 magnitude earthquake. During this project the reservoir was expanded by 5.5 acres.

Web Info: The DWR has a good write up on the reservoir.

Nearby Areas to Fish: Silver Lake is a few miles up stream. If you want to save some time take the dirt road past the reservoir and follow FR-586. This will cut off a few miles from the hike. If you hike north far enough you will arrive in Little Cottonwood Canyon. If you're looking to catch Brook Trout, Pittsburg Lake is a excellent location. Just head back down towards Tibble Fork Reservoir and take FR-85 north towards Mineral Basin. The hike to Pittsburg is rocky and steep but overall isn't terrible. The American Fork River which flows through AF Canyon, is a popular fly fishing spot. You could also follow the Alpine Loop over to Provo Canyon and fish the Provo River.