Nielsen's Grove Park Pond is located in Utah County, Utah. From the city of Orem take the I-15 free way to the University Parkway exit. Take the east exit and immediately merge to the far right lane, then turn on Sandhill Road. This is the road by the Walmart. Follow Sandhill Road for a mile. The park is pretty big and signs will mark the turn off to the park. The pond is located just east of the greenhouse and playground.

Nielsen's Grove Park Pond

There is a short fence around the pond in 6 foot sections. You can move any of the fence sections to get to the pond. Please put the fence back how you found it. There is a water fountain in the pond and some plants growing near the fountain. These plants love to steal your fishing lures. The pond is surrounded with several rocks which can get slippery when wet. Dogs are not allowed in the pond.

Fish Species

Bluegill, Bass, and goldfish. DWR stocked the pond with 102 Largemouth Bass in 2014.


In the 1870's, a danish pioneer by the name of Jorgen Nielsen, purchased 40 acres of land in Orem. He had a dream of converting the desert land into a beautiful park. Jorgen converted a natural spring into a water fountain. This is the modern day pond in the park, and created a dance hall and gardens. During World War One the gardens were converted into wheat fields. After the war the fields became swamp land. In the 1990's, Orem City purchased the park and started the process of fixing it up. The city spent just under 3 million to fix up the park.

Park Rules

No unauthorized vehicles allowed in the park. This include ATV’s snowmobiles, motorized scooters, and go-carts.
Horses are not allowed in the park.
Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times, and are not allowed in the Pool, Fountain, or Pond.
No alcoholic beverages allowed.
Water areas are not supervised. No swimming or wading in pond.
No climbing on fountain.
Golfing is not allowed.
Park closed from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.

Nearby Places to Fish

Provo River, Utah Lake, Diamond Fork River, American Fork Creek, Wayne Bartholomew Family Park Pond, Spanish Oaks Reservoir, Canyon View Park Pond, Manilla Creek Pond, and Highland Glen Park Pond.

Nielsen's Grove Park Pond in Orem, Utah.