Utah Lake is located in Utah County, Utah. The lake is west of Orem, and east of Saratoga Srpings.

Fish Species

Carp, White Bass, Bullhead Catfish, Channel Catfish, Black Crappie, Largemouth Bass, Walleye, June Sucker, and a small population of Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, and Northern Pike.

Fishing Regulations

Limit 6 Largemouth or Smallmouth bass (a combined total), only one may be over 12″. No Limit on Northern Pike. Anglers must not release any Northern Pike they catch. All Northern Pike must be immediately killed. All Suckers must be immediately released.

Lake Access

American Fork Boat Harbor: From I15 take the Pleasent Grove BLVD exit westbound about 2 miles then head south on 100 west.
Lindon Marina: From Sweeto Burrito in Orem head west on 2000 N which turns into 200 s. Just before you hit the dump head south on 2000 s turning at w vineyard rd.
Vineyard Beach and Utah Lake Parkway: 1 mile south of Lindon Marina on Vineyard rd.
Vineyard Center Street: Take the Center st exit in orem westbound. Head south on Geneva Road until 400 south, take your first right on S Vineyard rd, this turns into Center Street. Keep following west.
Powell Slough North: From I15 take University Parkway west about 1 mile.
Powell Slough South: Just before the Powell Slough North area by the soccer field.
Skipper Bay Trailhead: Just north of Utah Lake State Park.
Utah Lake State Park: Take the Provo, Center Street exit westbound about 3 miles.
Airport Dike Road: If you’re in the Mafia this is just North of where you take your “business” trips. If your not in the mafia then this is where you dropped your cousin Vinny off that one time.
Mill Race: In Springville take the 1400 N exit from I15 and follow the frontage road north a little over a mile.
Lower Hobble Creek: In Springville take the 1400 N exit from I15 and follow the frontage road south. Closed in the spring to fishing.
Swede Lane: In Sprinville take exit 400 s westbound about 4 miles. At the fork take 2750 west road northbound and keep heading north about 1.5 miles.
Sandy Beach: Just west of Swede Lane. After 2750 west road continue west, follow S River Drive/3200 W St, then head west on 3600 s street.
Lake Shore 4000 West: In Springville take the 400 South exit west
Lincoln Beach: In Spanish Fork take exit 8000 South from I15 and head west. Turn and head north on 3200 w, then turn left and head west on 7300 w st. When the road starts to curve to the left stay right and take 5600 w for a short bit, which will turn into 7200 w. The road will start heading north and eventually meet up with 6400 s. Head w and the road turns into Lincoln Beach Road. Follow Lincoln Beach Road about 2 miles north.
Lincoln Point: Follow the road a little past Lincoln Beach.
Mulberry Beach: From Lincoln Beach follow the Lincoln Beach road west about 3 miles.
Goose Point North: Just 2.4 miles south of Mulberry beach.
Goose Point South: About a miles south of Goose Point North.
Tower View Point: Just off Lincoln Beach Road south of Goose Point South. This is straight west of the city of Salem.
Lebaron Point: Just off Lincoln Beach Road in Genola.
Mosida Acres: This is on the southwest side of Utah Lake. Near the city of Mosida, this is a dirt road that head straight to the shore.
The Knolls: From Redwood Road turn at the mile marker 19 dirt road and head east.
Pelican Bay: Near the south end of Saratoga Springs from redwood road. There is a ton of signs. Probably the most popular area on the west side of Utah Lake.
Eagle Park: Just north of Talons Cove Golf Course in Saratoga Springs. From Redwood Road turn east on Centenial BLVD.


 American Fork River, Provo River, Hobble Creek, and Spanish Fork River.

Other Info

Utah Lake is one out of only four water’s in Utah that has June Sucker in it. You can read more about them on the June Sucker Recovery Project site.

I highly recommend your check out the Utah Lake Commission website. It is packed with valuable information. The Utah Lake Commission has an incredible podcast called Utah Lake: Facts, Fiction, Fun.

Nearby Areas to Fish

Jordan River, Provo River, Mill Pond, Jordan River Reservoir, Manila Creek Park Pond, Highland Glen Park Pond, Canyon View Park Pond, Nielsen’s Grove Park Pond, Pole Canyon Park Pond, Salem Pond, Spanish Oaks Reservoir, Spring Lake, Vivian Park Pond, Wayne Bartholomew Park Pond, Tibble Fork Reservoir, and Silver Lake Flats.