Red Butte Reservoir is located in Salt Lake County, Utah. From Salt Lake City head to Red Butte Garden which is located here. Just past the gardens is a gate, small parking lot and trail head. the reservoir is a few miles up the trail. Red Butte Reservoir is on private property, closed to the public, and closed to fishing.

Fish Species

The reservoir serves as a refuge for the threatened june sucker. There is a population of Bonneville cutthroat trout in Red Butte Creek above the reservoir. The cutthroat exist in the reservoir as well.

Fishing Regulations

Updated for the 2024 fishing season. Upstream of entrance to Red Butte Canyon Research Natural Area to the headwaters: CLOSED TO FISHING.


The reservoir was constructed in 1930 to supply water for Fort Douglas. An Army base that was officially closed in 1991. After the closure of Fort Douglas the Forest Service took ownership of the reservoir. In 1992, June Sucker were introduced into the reservoir. In 2004, The Central Utah Water Conservation District took ownership of the reservoir. In 2005, the reservoir was drained for dam repairs. 9,000 of the larger june sucker were transferred to Utah Lake. The smaller june sucker were transferred to holding tanks at Ensign Ponds.

Nearby Areas to Fish

East Canyon Reservoir, Camp Kostopulos, City Creek, Mountain Dell Reservoir, Fairmont Park Pond, and Little Dell Reservoir.