Location: Timber Lakes is located in Wasatch County, Utah. The lakes are surrounded by small and large plots of private property. From the city of Heber take Center Street eastbound and continue on Lake Creek Road for 5 more miles.

Timber Lakes: Witts Lake, Jones Reservoir, Deer Valley Reservoir, Beaver Lake, Aspen Lakes, Hendricksen Lake, Dee Mills Reservoir, Center Creek Number 5 Reservoir, and Kenneth Anderson Reservoir.

Other Info: Many of the lakes and ponds in this area are small and either dry up each year or winter kill fish. Some of the bigger bodies of water in the area have populations of fish.

Nearby Areas to Fish: Mill Hollow Reservoir, Strawberry River, Deer Creek Reservoir, Provo River, Jordanelle Reservoir, Currant Creek Reservoir, Strawberry Reservoir, and the Uintas.